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Excelling in Special Education


An ideal course for those seeking to enhance their ability to support S.E.N. By providing essential guidance and practical tools, it empowers participants to create inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and cater to the needs of all students. Enrol today to make meaningful progress towards fostering an inclusive, integrated educational setting for all SEN pupils.



Excelling in Special Education is an online Summer course tailored to equip teachers with the essential knowledge, skills, and strategies required to effectively support S.E.N. students in mainstream educational environments. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of Special Ed., practical assessment and planning techniques, fostering inclusive classroom environments, and implementing targeted interventions. By combining theoretical insights with practical application, participants will learn to cultivate educational environments that cater to the needs of S.E.N. students, thereby facilitating their academic and social progress.

Key Course Highlights:

1. Comprehensive Understanding of Special Education: Develop a deep understanding of S.E.N. pupils in the classroom and the vital importance of adopting an inclusive approach.

2. Effective Planning and Assessment: Hone your skills in educational planning for S.E.N. students, using assessment tools, Student Support Files, and setting SMART targets to monitor progress effectively.

3. SSE and Classroom Support Strategies: Explore a variety of SSE strategies that exemplify best practice with S.E.N. students.

4. Addressing Emotional and Sensory Needs: Learn to address the emotional and sensory needs of S.E.N. students, teaching functional daily living skills and providing appropriate behavioral support.

5. Practical Application through Case Studies: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios through case studies, gaining insight into the role of Special Needs Assistants and the formulation of Pupil Plans.

An ideal course for Primary Teachers and educational leaders seeking to enhance their ability to support S.E.N. students, this course offers invaluable guidance and tools. Enrol today to take a significant stride toward fostering an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and meets the needs of every student.

“I would like to thank everybody who has been involved in the facilitation of this excellent course. Very professional, super resources and articles, as well as being easy to navigate online” – Richard