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Leadership & Management in Schools


Acquire skillful Leadership and Management tools and techniques to establish a school environment that fosters comprehensive learning and development. This course involves daily leadership techniques, as well as motivating and empowering both staff and pupils. On this course, learn to empower tomorrow’s leaders today, and cultivate Leadership skills in schools.



Leadership & Management in Schools. This online course discusses the importance of effective leadership and management in primary schools as being paramount for creating an environment conducive to holistic learning and growth. This entails not only overseeing day-to-day operations but also inspiring and empowering teachers and students alike.

Key features include:

  1.  Visionary Leadership: School leaders should articulate a clear vision for the school’s direction and goals, inspiring staff to work towards a common purpose.
  2.  Collaborative Decision-Making: Encouraging collaboration among staff, parents, and students fosters a sense of ownership and collective responsibility, leading  to more effective decision-making processes.
  3.  Professional Development with SSE & LAOS: Providing ongoing opportunities for professional growth and learning through LAOS and SSE ensures that   teachers  remain updated with best practices and pedagogical approaches.
  4.  Pupil-Centered Approach: Prioritizing the needs and well-being of students in all decision-making processes ensures that the primary focus remains on   providing  high-quality education and support.
  5.  Effective Communication: Establishing open channels of communication fosters transparency, trust, and a sense of belonging within the school community,   leading to stronger relationships and a more positive school culture.

Enrol today to gain valuable Leadership and Management skills necessary for cultivating a School atmosphere conducive to holistic, progressive learning and growth, while also motivating and empowering both students and staff alike.

I found this beneficial  CPD course. It clearly explained the new model for LAOS and gave great support and resources for leadership. Thank you for the fantastic value.”  Paula