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Quantum Education


Our New innovative Quantum Education EPV course is tailored for Teachers who wish to acquire a fundamental comprehension of Quantum physics. Quantum education  introduces young minds to the fascinating world of quantum mechanics in a fun and accessible way. Pupils also learn to cultivate a profound reverence for the marvels of the Cosmos,thus igniting inspiration…



Our New Quantum Education EPV course is tailored for teachers, aimed at enriching and upgrading their teaching ability. Quantum education for children introduces young minds to the fascinating world of quantum mechanics in a fun and accessible way. Through interactive activities, games, and experiments tailored to their age group, children delve into the counterintuitive concepts of superposition, entanglement, and quantum uncertainty. By nurturing curiosity and critical thinking skills, quantum Education empowers children to think beyond classical boundaries, fostering a mindset of exploration and discovery. Through this innovative approach, pupils not only gain a foundational understanding of quantum physics but also develop a deep appreciation for the wonders of the Universe, inspiring future generations of scientists and innovators.

Key features include:

1. Interactive Experiments: Engage pupils with our suggested hands-on activities and experiments that demonstrate fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

2. Creative Problem-Solving: We encourage critical thinking and creativity by presenting puzzles and challenges inspired by quantum mechanics, fostering a deeper understanding of quantum concepts through problem-solving activities for all class levels.

3. SSE and Digital Tools: We offer a range of digital techniques and visual aids such as animations and illustrations to help pupils grasp abstract quantum principles and phenomena. We integrate digital technology applications into SSE to enhance efficiency and efficacy.

3. 4. Ethical and Social Implications: We discuss the ethical and societal implications of quantum technologies and discoveries, encouraging pupils to consider the broader implications of quantum mechanics beyond the scientific realm.

5. Future Applications and Career Exploration: We introduce children to potential applications of quantum technologies in fields such as computing, communication, and medicine, inspiring curiosity and interest in pursuing careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields related to Quantum mechanics.


Ideal for Primary Teachers seeking to integrate ICT into their teaching.