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Physical & Mental Well-being in School


Physical & Mental Well-being in School encompasses the holistic state of a pupil’s physical, mental, and emotional health, reflecting their overall quality of life and sense of fulfillment at school. Prioritise your well-being by nurturing healthy habits, while cultivating a greater sense of balance and fulfillment at Home and at School.



Physical & Mental Well-being in School. Prioritising physical and mental well-being within schools is crucial for nurturing healthy, thriving pupils. It extends beyond the absence of illness, to encompass factors such as happiness, satisfaction, and purpose, fostering a holistic approach that addresses pupils’ needs both inside and outside the classroom.

Key Course highlights include:

– Comprehensive Health Education with SPHE: Implementing a robust health programme that covers topics such as nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and mental health awareness equips students with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices regarding their well-being.

– Focus on the importance of Physical Activity: Providing ample suggestions for opportunities for physical activity through structured physical education classes, extracurricular sports, and recess promotes physical fitness, motor skill development, and overall well-being.

– Mental Health Support: We discuss the importance of SPHE programmes, peer support groups, and mental health resources ensures that pupils receive the support they need to cope with stress, manage emotions, and develop resilience.

– Positive School Climate: Creating a supportive, inclusive school environment characterised by respectful relationships, open communication, and a culture of acceptance fosters a sense of belonging and psychological safety among pupils, contributing to their overall well-being.

– SSE and LAOS Partnership with Families and Communities: Collaborating with families, community organizations, and healthcare providers strengthens the school’s efforts to promote SSE and LAOS by fostering a holistic, collaborative approach.

Enrol today, and learn to foster positive relationships, while cultivating the mental and physical well-being to navigate life’s challenges, at home and at school.

“A wonderful EPV  course- thank you team.  I will use what I have learnt from this course every year for the rest of my teaching career. Excellent modules.”- Maria