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Positive Behavioural Management


Optimise your classroom environment to support learning through our well-defined routines and processes with top tips and techniques from leading experts. Learn how to create a vibrant, visually stimulating learning environment for all your pupils!



Positive Behavioural Management: Acquire a list of positive skills and strategies to optimise your classroom environment to support learning and positive behaviour. This online EPV course is designed to equip teachers with the essential knowledge, tools and techniques required to teach with confidence and competence. In accordance with the Curriculum aims of SPHE, this course strives to foster the development, health and holistic well-being of the child, in a positive School climate.

Key Course Highlights:

  1. All course themes were chosen to deliver the principles, ideas and insights that effective classroom managers use on a daily basis in accordance with Department’s SPHE programme, DES Wellbeing Policy and the DES Cineáltas:Action Plan on Bullying.
  2. Providing participants with the knowledge, insights, and skills necessary to execute successful classroom management techniques, derived from research findings emphasised in the Primary Curriculum.
  3. Detailing positive approaches for handling challenging or inappropriate behaviours exhibited by pupils
  4. Empowering participants to evaluate and design the physical layout of the classroom to encourage favourable behaviours, and mitigate potential triggers for inappropriate conduct.
  5.  Equipping Teachers with a range of effective tools and methods for immediate application in the classroom, fostering an environment devoid of bullying and promoting the celebration of individual differences.

Book this course today to enhance the management of children’s challenging behaviour using proactive and positive intervention strategies. Learn to create a stimulating, and inviting educational space for your pupils.

“Once again, TSC has produced a superb course. I have gained so much from this course on both a personal and professional level that I would actually suggest that it should be compulsory in every school.”  Joe